Developer Info

Developer Info

The official Vimperator source code is hosted on GitHub. In order to work on any of our projects, you will need to get the repository first:

git clone

If you don’t plan to actively work on the project, you can still monitor changes).

Build a Project

You can then build any vimperator labs project by doing:

cd vimperator-labs/<project>
make xpi

For example, you can build Vimperator by doing:

cd vimperator-labs/vimperator
make xpi

This will produce an XPI file in the vimperator-labs/downloads folder.

To build all applications, you can use:

cd vimperator-labs
make xpi

Required Software to Build

While most developers use a Unix-like operating system, you can also build Vimperator on Windows with the help of MinGW’s MSYS, Cygwin, or SFU.


Whenever you want to update your local repository to the latest version use:

git pull

Creating and installing a new XPI file after each update is cumbersome, therefore there is a simple way to always use the latest Vimperator version after an update. To do so, simply replace the {MY_FIREFOX_PROFILE}/extensions/ directory with a text file of the same name containing the full path of your vimperator/ directory. This works analogous for the Muttator project.

Submit Patches

We all hope that just cloning/updating the repository is not enough for you and you start writing your own enhancements or fix some bugs. When you think your updated code is ready send us a pull request on GitHub.

Note: For any new or changed feature, asciidoc documentation and an entry in the NEWS file is required for the patch to be accepted.

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